Science and religion have been in conflict for centuries, but today a resolution is at hand for what is perhaps the most important issue of all. Though psychology and the social sciences have no coherent theory of the human condition, with the discovery of the Unified Field, physics has located the single source of all the laws of nature---one field from which springs the infinite diversity of life. Self-existent and self-interacting, a field of both infinite silence and infinite dynamism, the Unified Field is the fountainhead of intelligence at the basis of creation. The language may be scientific, but the qualities of the Unified Field that have thus far been enumerated are strikingly similar to those attributed to the essential nature of God by most religions of the world. At last, science can rejoice in fulfilling the dream of Einstein for a single unified foundation as the basis for scientific inquiry, and religion can rejoice that in locating a single field of intelligence at the source of creation, science has confirmed its most cherished premise.