I love my country, so I write. The best are in Bigthink , so I write here. Before the choking medias and Democrats wonder who is Gov. Palin! I already published a prescient article here to point out that Gov Palin is self-made legend bigger than Sen. Hilary! (Pls see my Aug 29, 2008 article: The Last Warrior, John McCain’s Last Calling, Gov. Sarah Palin .) Period. After Gov Palin delivered her acceptance speech in the GOP convention in the night of  Sep. 4 , 2009. All the readers may agree that a star was born! Charming, poised, confident,  vitality, energetic ,very clear English,… you name it! Some of my British friends said, she had not graduated in Oxford, but she processed all the Oxford debating Club trained skills in her first scripted VP acceptance speech . Though the speech was scripted, Gov. Plain used to the point and very clear English, eye contact, and facial expression and with some humorous but not meanness mocking tone to interpret it! A wonderful Orator!  That is no wonder, why the bloviated   Sen. Joe Biden needs to do some home works when they meet in their first debate in October! Now the readers may ask:  Is this pit bull, hokey-mum Palin can help McCain ? Certainly in three ways: 1.     The small town people: Inflation, recession and foreclosure hit very hard the small town folks  especially in Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada. Now Gov. Palin is the small town and working class hero!  2.     Evangelical folks: Pro gun, pro life, pro creation and pro Christian value folks are the loyalist fans of Gov. Palin now! 3.     Female voters: Gov. Palin may not attract all the die hard fans of Hillary 18 m female voters, but some of them may shift camp to GOP. And most importantly, Gov Palin  may keep all the GOP female and male voters in their own party, and attract the Independents and Democratic Party female voters, it is a huge plus to McCain! My humble opinion is that a star was born, McCain and GOP may be saved in 2008 election. Noted: As  a philosopher , independent thinking should triumph emotion! However, on the night while the aggressive Gov. Palin delivered her a lifetime speech in GOP Convention. A  few camera shots touch my heart! I am not meaning the may- be- scripted Lady Cidy McCain tending the special care-needed Trig, the fifth child of Gov. Palin.  I mean the 7 yr old Piper, when she held Trig and  put her hand on him and tending his hair.  Lovingly, I notice Piper used her palm to rob her opened mouth then she comforted Trig again with her little wet palms tenderly robbing his hairs! Jesus, let me remember the great Mother Saint Theresa!She won my heart may be my vote! What a little Piper she cares her little special-care-needed brother very much.  Sep 4, 2008 . Wrote for Wpost and Bigthink.