A little while back an idea was posted i belive by namless "Evil  is Ignorance, Good is Awareness"

What i am wondering is when one crosses the line from ignorance to awarnes? What seperates the ignorant from the aware? We have danced aroundthis a bit in our discussion here.

If there is in fact infinite information, or at least more information then our mind can store, then at what point does one become informed enough to be considered aware? I think it is imposible to really draw such a line because no mater how much we know it is always going to be a miniscule ammount compared to the ammount of information out there.

One can say that ignorance and awarness can only be looked at with relation to a paticular topic, or concept. But even then no mater what the subject no one can know everything ther is to know about it, so again what is the threshold for being aware rather then ignorant?

 I would have to say that the thing that separetes the ignorant from the aware, is the awarness of their own ignorance. "I know that i know nothing". The only true ignorance is certainty and conviction. Letting go of certinty and the ilussion allows one to see things more objectively, and think more abstractlly.

 Onece you let go of all your convictions realizing that nothing you know is certain. And once you let go of the desire for solid ground, which is conviction, and dive into the ocean of uncertainty you realize that that piece of land that you stood so firmlly upon was nothing more then a mirage.