He can eat for a day.  If you teach a man to fish, he can eat for a lifetime.

Now, if you give a person love, they can either appreciate it and pay it back or just use it and take it for granted.  If you teach a person to love they'll be as well off as the likes of Mother Theresa, Buddha, Ghandi, and Jesus of Nazareth.

So what we see here is that what religions teach is not a physical neccessity like food is.  A persons starvation can kick in and since they have been taught to fish they can catch more food whenever they need to.  From that we can see that knowledge is more progressive and efficient than free hand outs.  If a person were to truly master what religions and philosophies teach there is no telling how much better that person will be.  If the person continues to think that they are just a primitive animal that just reacts to their surroundings then war, suffering, poverty, and several other horrible things will continue happening.

No offense, but the people who think humans are just animals with larger brains and opposable thumbs just have a lack of will power.  We have the resources right now to end all poverty, but some people think they have worked harder than others so they deserve a yacht while several billion people in Asia starve to death.  We have the proof that a human killing a human is bad, but some people put their beliefs before other peoples lives and do what is necessary for their beliefs to carry on, they don't know how to compromise.

So how do you teach a person to love?  First in order for a person to love another, they must truly love themselves (not in a conceited or cocky way either), then their immediate family members, then their extended family members, then their friends, then complete strangers.  You see, we must introduce right brain thinking in to the education system.  People will be more accepting of non-physical ideas if they were more philosophical and creative.  I, for one, know that the non-physical will make the physical a much more positive and peaceful existance.

So since the only posters left on this website are non-believers, why do you think love is the wrong idea?