then what created the big bang? believe me when i tell you that this one has kept me up for many nights. let's recap. the big bang theory states that in the beginning, there was an infinitely small speck of matter. that speck contained all the matter that was needed to create this universe, which we now live in. and in an instant the big bang occured and then all the elements were floating around just waiting to create life. i believe in the big bang theory. but i think the bigger picture is being missed. where did that speck of matter come from, and what caused it to create the universe. I happen to believe in chi, the energy force that gives us life. but whatever you believe in, there had to be an energy force behind the big bang. Many people believe that to believe in the big bang you have to exclude the theory of god. I dont think so. in fact i think you could make a pretty strong case the other way. i think that the universe had to have been created, if not by a god then by somethin. i believe this because the universe is so perfect, and was so perfectly designed that to think otherwise seems preposterous to me. there, now maybe i can get some sleep.