If I was the only person on earth.

If we say someone is tall, we really mean relative to someone else. So if there was only one person on the earth, it could not meaningfully be said that he or she was tall. In fact the concept of tallness simply would not and could not exist unless there was some point of comparison.

The same could be said of his personality. It could not be said that he or she was funny – because a funny person needs a straight person.

What about knowledgeable? Could a person alone be said to have knowledge? Surely a knowledgeable person needs an ignorant one to be compared to?

In fact a person alone on the earth would have no flavour or individuality at all. It could be said that the person has no self – because in order to have self – there must be someone else as a point of comparison.How could I describe myself in any meaningful way – if there was no-one else to compare me to, could I say I was handsome or ugly? Could I say I was clever or stupid? Could I say I was bad-tempered? Could I say I was underprivileged or the elite? Could I say I was old or young? Could I say I was lucky or unlucky? Is there anything I could say which would meaningfully describe my "self" unless there was another "self" to compare myself too?

What this means is that concepts like tallness and knowledge and self have no absolute meaning and do not therefore really exist except as points of comparison.

It’s an irony that a person alone has no individuality – it could be seen as the ultimate form of individuality – but individuality also has no meaning – if there is nothing to be divided from. The ultimate irony is that individualism which would deny the organic oneness of humankind is dependent on humankind’s existence. Without others there can be no identity.So this concept of self we have is like tallness

– just a way of identifying our differences from other units of humanity. It is only a relative concept based on relative thinking. If we cease to think relatively – i.e. on a differentiating basis – i.e. from the tree of knowledge of good and evil – we cease to see a separate self. It is this seeing of ourself as separate which is to make us false gods – just as the serpent warned. Because if God exists, he can only be one –and without compare and therefore how it could it be said he was good or evil. Surely he would have to be beyond that.

And surely therefore if this sense of self is a point of differentiation only, once the comparisons cease, there is no self to cling to – nor any good or evil. Thus how could God be said to have a self? Thus how could God have an indentity?