As our culture evolves, it would appear that so to does our God...or at least our idea of God? It is my understanding that the old testament view of God is as being merciless and demanding of our fear and obedience. The old testament God killed, or smitted, the non-believers time and time again or had people do it in his name...flood ring a bell? But new testament god is more loving and compassionate and tolerant of the flaws he endowed us with.

I believe the nature of God matches our evolving culture. Old testament culture was comprised of vast segregation amongst social classes and amongst other things that made for a much harder lifestyle, whereas now we believe we are all created equal and as such we strive to be tolerant of others, etc. I could go more into to detail here, but I think its obvious.

my question is as follows; is God an ever changing reflection of societies collective mood or is our idea of God born out of other words, as products of our environment, do we need a more loving God to believe in?