This argument makes an assumption God is real simply for argument. If God is all-knowing, all-loving, and all-forgiving, then everyone should go to heaven. Here is my reasoning. God is all-knowing and therefore knows everything that has happened and will happen in all of time. Therefore, before God even greated the world or you, he knew everything you would do throughout your entire life before you or greatest ancestors were even born. If God knew everything you were going to do throughout your life before he even created you, he could not punish you for whatever terrible things you might do during that life. Otherwise, God would have created a doomed creature, knowing it was doomed from the start, only to punish it. That would be the definition of a sadist, not an all-loving God. Therefore if God exists in the way many people believe he does, he could not punish us because he made us flawed, knowing full well all the horrible and treacherous things we would do in our lives.