The matter already occurred has been very long, moreover is one time, occurrence once again. We are acquainted with each other in the dofus game. I am serious, he should also be serious. We are acquainted with each other also less than two months. This happened between us should have taken place in it. Although the time is very short, but the heart already intertwined in the same place. I had thought to give up, but I did not believe that, therefore I will not leave~~ I will not leave. Then, do I then give up you? If only I gives up, then being able to receive in exchange your coming back, then I would rather like this. Then, I will give up you, gives up thoroughly, you and your kamas. Actually once we already announced that we are the stranger without a little know, only we all can not repress the innermost feelings. Also remembered that night our words which said in Cania Plains? I sighed and said: “En, tonight pass and everything will be good.” We were already stranded inside that the very long time. But we cannot come out. So, we only could seek help from other person. Are you also remembering? You also ask me that the meaning. Ha-ha, at that time you also are silly! Because I am not willing to injure your man’s dignity, I did not tell you that I would to borrow dofus gold for our leave. Because we have no any dofus kamas or cheap kamas, and also have no anything to buy dofus kamas. But is only tells me in the fact, yes, we were should be a little free and easy. Afterward was known by you. Now, at this time, the night is so tranquil that lets the human not endure to break this tranquil night. Even if in the very hot daytime, actually also as before cannot hug night's gale. At the midnight, the feeling which catches the wind on the road should be very good! But I actually as before do nearby the computer, I am waiting for your present existence. If you do not come again tonight. Perhaps we are going forever to separate. You have not come after all, to sorry finally, have not informed you, secretly leave you. Leaves this game that let me fill the complex mood.