With the rain out side,  and the light and music in side, a night become so lonely. I want to tell you something, something special, something only belong to you.

The night is so quite, but my pulsatile heart is keep missing you so much. I do not know why I miss you so much. I keep missing those days we played the mabinogi online together. You always buy mabinogi gold for me, you said that you like me to wear various dress for you. Anything which can make you feel fun, I will do it. I search the pretty dress in a certain time with much mabinogi money, but I do not care about how much mabinogi online gold I will cost. I just want you to look me for more sight. Is that a extravagant hope? When I saw your smile, I thought every thing is worth. Those mabinogi gold is nonsensical to me. I always look down upon those guys who pay much attention on the gold even the cheap mabinogi.

All in all, it is nice to know you. It is nice to become your girlfriend.

There are millions and billions people in the world, but I just meet you, I just choose you to love. There are hundreds and thousands player in the game, how can I just choose you? It is the luck given by the god I think. I have no idea with the Netizen. But I was so anxious to see you. I do not know use which words to describe our encounter. Is this a ardor?

You have a special nature which absorb me a lot. I cherish you so much, and I think it is worth to do so. Many affection can not use words to summarize. This is just like us, if I should. Then I only want to say as others: I love you. I miss you so much.

I want to give you all I have, but I do not know whether it is your need. Will you accept?Besides my love and blessing, it seems I have nothing to give you. Will you mind?

I want to see you very much. I want to see your charming face, I want to see what kind of man make me miss so much. Come back, I am so happy that we are in a same city.

But maybe, we will not see each other. We are just like common people. Maybe someday we meet in a street, pass by each other like strangers. If we can not see at last, I will hide my affection at the bottom of my heart. If we have to vanish someday for the reason we hard to say, just remember, there is girl who once love you and miss you so much.

Hi, dear, I miss you.