Tonight I got a insomnia again, your shadow was full of my mind. I kept recollect the memory when I with you at that time. How many times for I have the insomnia, I can not count. I face the screen alone, waiting for you. I always think that you will be on again. It is always my illusion. What can I do if you are really on?I would not com e back to you, never ever.

I do not know whether I am silly or not. Maybe it is because I always tolerate you when you make mistake. I do so because I love you. But this make you feel that I have no personality, and also make you feel boring to me. You always try to palter with me, ignore my feeling. You are kidding me. I am wonder whether you love me. I feel so hurt when you treat me like these. Maybe this kind of memories is not worth of mention it. I should not waste time to find some miracles on you. Maybe it is time to give up.

Maybe I should find another girl to instead your position. That will help me forget you. I have a try to make girlfriend with others, but it can not work. I even try to find someone in the game Lotro online. I am so crazy to buy LOTRO Gold for those girls. They are so happy to accept my LOTRO Gold to buy their clothes, dress and something else. I do not mind at all. Only I want is to forget you. With those greed girls in the game, I maybe forget for a while, but it can not last forever. When there is a girl came to ask for more Lord Of The Rings Gold, I smiled with a disdainful expression. Then I said: you just worth of several cheap Lord of The Rings, you know what, all of girls like you were just like beggars to me. That girl was so angry with me. But I have no sympathy on her at all. And the most vital thing is that I hate this decadent life.

Is there only you in my heart? Is there any girls can come to my heart?

I always pretend I am all right when I with my friends. I do not want them to see the frailty from a man. I decide to have a trip, to Gulling first then to Qinghai, I do not know why I choose these places which is your favorite. Oh my god, I just can not forget you!