I HATE TO SAY "I TOLD YOU SO."BUT..."I TOLD YOU SO."Hillary"bitter"Clinton is such a blinkered horse, she can,t see the damage she has done to her own party.Her"radical feminist"desire for a woman to rule the wold makes her incapable of"letting go"and allowing a "smooth"nomination for Barack O'Bama.Furthermore she has prettymuch gauranteed he WILL NOT (I REPEAT) WILL NOT PICK HER AS HIS RUNNING MATE.! Even if he was going to ask her to be the VP.Hillary's defiant non-concession speech,on the final night of the primaries,was a challenge, to even Barack O'Bama's manhood. He has no choice,but to show that he is his own man, and won't be bullied by the Clinton's. This hurts both Barack, and his party. A O'Bama/Clinton ticket would have been formidable, but who will trust that now? If Hillary had bowed out graciously, she surely would have brought her supporters to O'Bama. Now her bitter feminist stormtroopers are all up in arms, because they think the "EVIL PENIS-HAVERS" "STOLE" her chance. They won't vote for OBama now.