I am now claiming a group that I belong in, the created.  We may not ever know what created us, but we were created and that's a fact, whether subjectively or objectively this universe was created we were still created.  My group encompasses everything I interact with and I want to be a positive contributor to my group, so now I'm living in harmony with the universe, my group I belong in, although I am only human and I'm not perfect I will always try my hardest to make the greatest positive impact on my group.

Yes this is an 'I feel' argument and statement, but I don't care.  According to history the laws of science were created, therefore science is my equal and can't dictate what my spiritual feelings are, I still respect it but it's all just theories and no absolute truth in them.  My interpretation of this universe through the mind is my personal absolute truth but in no way is it universal, so that would make it one version of the possibly infinite amount of versions of a physical being doing actions in a physical universe with certainty in what they are doing.