Humans seem to resist recognition of their incompleteness, their ongoing potential of unending acquisition of experience and knowledge. Too often allowing pride to justify a "satisfaction" in action and belief.

As we participate in this existence, why make effort towards measuring what occurs? How does this honestly matter in whatever constitutes "the final analysis"? Some will generalize, rationalize and possibly work to justify it does matter, yet these efforts primarily act too distract from present time, the actual living at hand. 

Recognition is self-centered. Some humans 'hold onto the past,' 'live in the past,' etc. Of course, we learn from 'the measure of history,' yet are benefited by being cautious of generalizing, justifying or rationalizing what these 'measures' mean.

Humans also gain from a humble realization that our history is not completely understood (nor understandable) leaving us with an in-the-present reality serving as the only true measurement.

Address the moment, understanding there is no further choice/regret/praise as too prior capabilities, experience or knowledge, yet complete choice as to current application of what has been learned/retained, not measured or based in prideful recognition.

Humans need not make excuses nor avoid their potential as a species any longer, we have the ability to put aside the distractions, disrespect (of self, others, present existence), rationale, justifications, and all other banes excused as our "humanness."

Embrace fully being a Human Becoming, the evolution beyond your self as a human being. Or continue to do as you do and accomplish no more than, what you excuse your self too. 

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