Humbly accepting our humanness as a work in progress, at best, would settle many a dispute and misunderstanding among our "intelligent" species. Working to create a different, a better, an improved existence is much more than a human-centric focus or task. 

There is much, so much, we do not even fathom that affects and intertwines with our existence at all moments throughout what we measure to be our life time. Drawing conclusions based on our limited knowledge and understanding of things, so far is an effort in arresting our evolution and retarding our capability to learn. Consciously intentional or not this is too often justified, rationalized and/or generalized, as we read in so many 'prattle' laden postings.

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Mr. Peterson's posting originating this stream is well stated and I think more rhetorical than possibly interpreted. Humble, open-minded and well concluded.

"It just makes very good sense to be a good, productive, empathetic, sympathetic human being – a helpful human being."