What will happen if all users, lets say, of a mobile phone company, were represented by their own asociation of users?

How to avoid that such association management becoming corrupted or ends up playing on the company's benefit?

Could you imagine, someone will be in charge of assuring that you always get the best price for such services, reviews that your are well attended, and defends your complains as if weres you?

What is his stake in it then?

SIMPLE; I put in practice an experiment and started placeing friends and family mobile lines under the legal name of an Association, that way we were now not just a 1 line customer to the operator, but 300 lineas (until stoped by the mobile phone corporation with no explanation ;) ). Which such an expenditure, we recieved biggest discounts, and better service. Logically, organising all these people, cost time and money, so we decided that we will be prized as a small ercentage of the saving made in each call. 

GRATE!! as an representative association, we will be also interested in achieving the best result possible but TO THE FINAL USER!! 

Now we were trying to make all aware, we started without any advertisement, but the huge confirmed savings that we were reahing for the 250 aporx. users so far (average of 54% to market prices), and the path of mounth-to-ear growth, soon called the operators attention, and has blocked us for keeping adding more associated users.

This proves IT WORKS, as we are now only left to go to a constitutional jury, to defend the rigts of all of us to be legaly represented by who we want to. The operator has stop accepting request from such users to become protected under our umbrella.

The more we think about it, the more we discover that our principle of GROUPING people with the same NEEDS, lets say, provisioning of goods, education, insurance, or whatever need that can be quantifiyed; SCARES to death all major corporations, as now they have a much difficult work when ignoring real customers needs, demands, moral, etc.


In our model, we designed a way to finance the logical work of such 'community service', and that is to meassure the savings generated, but to make it CLEAR and TRANSPARENT, the Association legal model, provided the perfect tool.

 As not only, there are not majorities stakes, but also any one of the users included could become the president of that association, has access to all detailed accounts, his vote counts as one, like everyone elses.

The goverment has ignored us, the legal ministerial department has rejected our request to present our problemm, the law does not care about our case.

 Furthermore, the only "Users" association that reaches such level here in Spain (but surelly happends elsewhere) is managed by the same companies executives, and financed by COMPANIES!! 

 Why? simple, would you loose a minute/hour/days/years to do anything to defend you being  rob by these companies? NO you won't. You have other thing to care about, and even if you know that they must be stealing little by little, its not worth the titanic effort needed to recover the damage; furthermore, while you fight for one thing they will be doing others....that part of theri business!!

Want to stop this?

Let me know.