Years ago I was in my senior year in high school.  Ready to graduate, and go to college.  I consider myself an average joe.  As an average joe, I had decent grades( accepted to serveral 4 year universities), from a family of 5. Parents make enough to not qualify for any financial aid, yet not enough to contribute 10,000 a year to higher education(per child).  in other words middleclass.  I'll be the first to say a 4.0 G.P.A may have helped finding aid.  Yet that was not the case.

So on to the topic.  the availability of higher education.  I went to college for 2 years taking student loans, working full time and accruing massive debt.  Throughout that time, I saw 3 major groups financially.  One those who's family could afford to pay for college.  Say what you might about that, I am glad that they had the oppertunity to go and focus on school.  Two those who received a free ride.  And three average joes like me, working 20 to 60 hrs a week to pay for an education that is not fully realized due to ... working. 

Group two is a loose term... free ride.  those who recieved a scholarship for grades, sports, community service or grants and awards based and financial considerations parental status, and a variety of other things.  What bothered me is Most of us black, white, red, or blue fall into a category of middle class.  My brothers both qualified for nothing as well, both with better than 3.6 G.P.A's  The overwheming majority of people I met in college that were in their 3rd and 4th year fell into the first to groups.  and most in their second year in their 2nd year expressed concerns of returning the following year due to finances.

They say that hundreds of millions of college money is unused annually yet the largest group of people who need it don't qualify.  our parents income is used to determine financial status reguadless of if they are willing or able to assume a 10k a year debt.  So how can we make college more available to the masses.  Not just those with special circumstance.  ( I am not knocking anyone who falls into ANY of the groups, I hope I didn't offend anyone) I am glad everyone who had the oppertunity to go to college got to go, but how can we expand those numbers.  I believe a more educated work force will be better able to compete nationally in our global economy, as well as reduce poverty, crime and other problems in society