The scientists reduce our 'free' will to sub-atomic particles and firing neurons, so that if we drill down deep enough, we don't have any. At that level we don't. The theists say we do, but profess a model which makes it logically impossible. When this is pointed out in relation to an omniscient/omnipotent deity, they deny they are excluding logic, and argue in ever decreasing circles. My point is, within the human experience, where we (westerners) have choice between 100 breakfast cereals, 50 types of toilet paper, 7 types of milk, 10 types of sugar, 18 types of jam, 55 varieties of fruit, 220 types of coffee... and that's before we walk out the door in the morning.. How much free will do we need? I can choose to treat people well/badly, to contribute to my environment or not, to move or atrophy, to think or fart... the choices are endless, so even if I'm not free to choose, it barely registers on a scale that is recognisable.... but that's us westerners for you, we most of us live like medieval kings now, and still too much is never enough.