Let's start with the working premise that our so-called professional educators are stuck-in-a-rut ideologues. They're still pushing John Dewey's stealth Socialism. They don't evolve, they don't have new ideas, they're moribund. Supposing all that is true, where do we find hope in this situation?

Business. For the last year I've been writing that practical people from the business world should shoulder into the education field, not as partners and thus enablers, but as the new leaders. Can this happen? The first thing a business person wants to do is find an "expert," which is somebody with a PhD, which means the people who made the problem are put in charge of fixing it. Depressing. 

Teachers. Recently, I've starting thinking that teachers might do the job. i've coined a phrase--Teacher Liberation Front--to capture the idea of teachers rebelling against their nominal bosses, and trying to do what is best for the children and society. I like the thought, but can it work?

What's needed is that teachers start to see themselves as an exploited class. Which they are. Dewey created the strategy of indoctrinating teachers, who would then be sent out to indoctrinate the children. Teachers know they're managed and controlled, but will they rebel?