We humans are, in terms of sapience, the most intelligent organisms on the face of this planet. We can do absolutely anything that we set our minds to. So then, you would expect that we would have bubble domes on Mars, or better yet FTL drive systems on our spacecraft. So then, why don`t we? The Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey was, at the time of its release, an accurate portrayal of life in the early twenty first century. But for some reason, almost none of the technology seen in the film has yet to be invented. So then, what happened? Well if you ask me, it was the human condition: we are fearful of new things; we are instinctually conservative. That is why we elect conservatives to make all of our decisions for us, and what do we have to show for it? A pointless, expensive war with no end in sight. Worse still, it is this instictual conservatism that is currently hindering our evolution. As Neil Shubin recently stated in an interview with Stephen Colbert, ``we have become the first organisms capable of altering our own evolution through the use of technology``. Although there is much of an ethical issue behind this (I myself am conflicted: evolution is natural, but what of evolution through unnatural means?), that is not the issue at hand. The issue at hand is how our conservative values are hindering are own evolution. Think about it: had the precursor to our own kind never descended from the trees and onto the savannahs of Africa, we wouldn`t be here talking about it. Now, what that says for the future is that we are currently at the next stage of our evolution, and we now face a choice: move out onto the savannah and become Man, or maintain our position in the trees and become trapped in evolutionary limbo. Which will it be? That is for we, the people, rather than a little man behind a big desk, to decide.