Why are individual choices towards contribution, too often not respectful of the magnitude of virtual communication,i.e. information exchange, our online resources provide?

It seems tell-tale of the human species that precedence of "when emotion goes up, intelligence goes down" is so evident as we interact with the www.

For many years now we have had access to communicating on a planet-wide basis more instantaneous than ever before in the brief history of humankind. And, yet the positive, mutually beneficial results ratio is much less than that of 'the prattle,' massively made up of ignorance, prejudice, fear, generalization, justification, rationale and actual choice to interact based on these human limitations.

It is unfortunate that this asset is in the hands of so many who are not even close to being prepared to utilize it to the full and positive benefit(s) it has had potential for all along.

I'm not advocating any kind of controls or un-evolution. Please don't read such into my comments and please don't suggest such, as this is clearly not the type of answers that will be implemented. Betterments have to come from individual choice.

What ideas can we share to support the individual towards progressive, beneficial eventualities from this astonishing life accessory?

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