How about instead of spending money to stimulate the economy we invest it?  The $150 billion given to people will only be a small blip on the economic horizon. 

Throwing $150 billion at the economy is a mistake.  The $150 billion shouldn't be spent it should be invested into the permanent improvement of quality of life for Americans.  It should go into a Solar Energy program.  This would provide short term stimulus and long term gains for our country.

The fledgling solar industry would get capital it needs to develop and improve the delivery of solar power.  It would create good paying jobs for skilled workers who would then have money to inject back into the economy again.

In the immediate and long term the solar energy could help reduce America's dependency on foreign and domestic oil.  In the short and long term it would reduce the deleterious effects of fluctuating energy costs on the American economy as well as help cut greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. We would also benefit from the decrease in our trade deficit.

It would also establish a power infrastructure that could be ready to use the next generation of solar generators in years to come, so future upgrades would come at minmal costs.

We have a chance to do more than just spend this money and generate a quick blip on our economy, we have a chance to invest it in a way that will benefit us now, next year, and for decades to come.