Homosexuality some belive, that it is caused by the xyr cell? If it is? You could take this as a genetic advance or mutation to control the population......All of us will agree that we have a population problem on this planet.  Disease also .........It almost seems as though the more sophisticated our medication, and cures get the more sophisticated the diseases get.  Almost as though its trying to balance it self. All in All I think we def.  need to get a grasp on the word natural and what is and what isn't.....Some would say that everything is natural others will dissagree..  killing all the whales....for example....  this sounds wrong but is it really? Maby its natural....as far as global goes....in our human evolution.....maby crisis and removing things from this planet that seem to be a need is a form of adapting to change. Hmmmm......oh oh opened a can of worms here! oh no! canning worms is that ok?