Hogg Farmer Saves The World For the first time in history the "common man" has the ability to change the world. The day of the robber barons is quickly coming to an end. As a self proclaimed conservative I believe in the individual and what he or she can do in a free society Now that we have the internet, ideas can be freely shared with large numbers of people and solutions can be offer up. Individuals can now take independent action. If you want to protect the environment then you as an individual need to take matters into your own hands and do what "you" can do. Stop the finger pointing and stop depending on government to solve all your problems. Case in point. Five years ago a hog farmer & long distance hauler over heard a conversation where a couple of guys were talking about running a diesel engine on vegetable oil. After many many hours on the internet Paul Davis, the hog farmer, built his own biodiesel unit and ran his three trucks, tractors, lawn mowers etc on used vegetabe oil he got free from local restruants. Fast forward five years later, that would be today, and you'll find Paul down at his shop tinkering and overseeing the biodiesel production plant he owns. Check out some of his video's at Biodiesel World http://worldtv.com/biodiesel_world We can make it happen Gary Evans