No it has not. By religion I mean the western kinds: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. These three kinds have raised the consciousnesses of western peoples out of darkness and prepared all of us for our final transformation into care takers and nurturers and all that awaits this revelation is the clarification of language. The only stumbling block is the respective leaders in the above mentioned religions. They are a bunch of liars and fortune tellers, full of false speech and false life. They are not shepherds of their peoples.

            Religion began as a consequence of separation, division. The world had become divided, according to the story in the genealogy of Noah. That division was a consequence of the separation between the man and the woman, which caused the enslavement of the female by the male. This is all prehistory. Religion arose to address these issues. The word "religion" came into existence at the time of the early Christian Church, probably in the 3rd or 4th Century, and it meant, from the Latin: to rejoin or reconnect. Each of the above kinds of religion had a special sense for the meaning of the word "religion". Judaism's sense was focused on the original demise in the first stories, reconnecting back together the man and woman. But historically that failed and was readily apparent at the time of the new testament because by then the early christians, all Jews, saw that a piece was missing in their theology and that piece was the child. Christians were about reconnecting the child, not the baby child but the son, back to the father. They had reinterpreted the Noah Flood Story with its understanding that "evil" had moved from the parents and now resided in the children. This "evil" (or death) separated the children from their fathers and reconnecting was the goal of the Christians. Six hundred or so years later along come the Muslims, with a new understanding given to Mohammed, that the Spirit God was Allah and men were separated from HIM, the only God. Its goal was the same, reconnection. Islam presents the baby human being, as told in the first stories of the Bible, but more primitive than Judaism. The "baby" human being as presented in the second creation myth is a man, the making of a man, a man in his teenage years was understood by the presenters of the first stories in the Bible. This teenager was estranged from his spirit and fire father, who had cursed the whole shebang (His own Making!), whose name in Hebrew was unspoken and only represented by the capital letters YHWH. He is the maker and the destroyer God, and for Muslims, the ONLY God.

            All three "religions" today are windows into the life that surrounds each and all of us. The failure of these institutions is man's failure to understand and practice the truths of our religious heritage, regardless of which one. They are each important. This failure is foremost in individuality because each of us shore up and sustain our religious heritage by failing in practice, on account of ignorance, to complete our religious heritage; although maybe only one of the three religions encourage us to participate in practice right now, and that one is Judaism. Both Christianity and Islam put off resolution for the "next" life when in truth there is only one life and that life is right now and anyone can understand that by reflecting on life itself since life is only and has always been only "right now."

            Right now is personal and that is where all "religions" come alive. That brings me to the other side of religion, to reconnecting inside of you with the other one who lives there, the one you know so well and who you would like to forget because that one gives you no peace, no rest, no joy, no self esteem and no love. This other is NOT your enemy, God is your guardian spirit and the creator who makes everything that you have and his sole concern and worry is over your life experiences and your well "being". And that holds for ALL living life forms, humans and others, in the eyes of the ONLY guardian SPIRIT, your guardian God! Unfortunately, you can't bridge the chasm without telling the truth. The "truth" has been confused by God and by his sons, the sons who purport to be our spiritual leaders. They can't tell the truth and that is why they tell dogmas and speak in tongues, the bottom line for them is "mystery". They can only lead you to hell. Our Bible truth for all three "religions" is the stories of Genesis and I offer an introductory paper for those interested in "saving" the whole world, namely their personal life.

            This is THE BIG THINK; but before that can happen the word has to be defined and brought into the light. Then even you can think BIG. I offer you "the word!" But my real audience, the one that most concerns me, is all us old fuckers, over 45, that are working to beat the devil and hold on to what little nothings that sustain their anxious lives. We can have our cake and eat it too; but we have to understand the cake that is enticing our appetite and want specifically that delight.