I’ve have been shocked and beaten down from life. Life is unexpected twist of events that can alter our thinking and behavior. I wasn’t prepared to deal with my father death but, I had too. I wasn’t prepared for a lot of events in my life but, I conquered them and learned from it. I learnt that you can’t be too comfortable with your state of living don’t get too attached to how things are now. Don’t have that feeling run your life though, know it is okay to deal with challenges. Where would we be as people with some suffering? The pain and suffering make us who we are it shows us what is really important in life. Don’t have material items make your happiness they are only temporary feelings. The brain releases endorphin which makes you feel excited and happy. Your contentment should be able to do without ipods, and other material items. You see people in 3rd world countries living simple lives and happier than people with all the riches in the world. You’re sitting on a Persian silk rug until life rips that rug right from under you. I think a little suffering can help most people realize what they can do without with. Suffering cuts the middle man and goes straight to the source of the problem. You see in a different light and the whole entire world makes sense when you have what you need to survive. Western civilization is always about MORE MORE and MORE and wealth. We are so accustomed to living a certain way we forgot how we were when life was so simple. Thorstein Veblen’s book The Theory of the Leisure Class he spoke about Conspicuous consumption which means purchasing items to display wealth and a higher social class. The one of the ills of America is that we are obsessed with becoming rich and not working hard to achieve it. There is always a commercial on television about real estate gimmicks that will have you getting checks in the mail for thousands of dollars. I think this recession is one of the best things to happen to America because we need to be pushed to the edge a little to realize how we are overspending and not making good decisions. Times are hard in America not as hard as the citizens in Zimbabwe where the currency is almost worthless due to hyperinflation and they are printing out $100 trillion dollar bills. Companies are laying people off firing workers to save money. Businesses like Circuit City are closing down and people are now realizing we have a financial problem. This recession isn’t permanent and America will prevail but, this is a much needed waking up to the America.