I played Habbo have two years, during this time, I recognized many people. And in the game, I have happy but also have sad, I also spent some habbo Coins in the Habbo game. By contrast, I played this game was a very long time, although I recognized a lot of people, but in the end what people like a really friend, I think this question a lot of people are considered, but when you have met a good friends that when she or he is at this time cheated you, cheated you all habbo gold. Maybe some people said that the game can not really friend, after all, this is only a game. However, this is only for personal point of view. I think every people all hope in the game they can make some good friends, when you have difficult or very need habbo money but you have no money to buy that they can come to help you. When you are lonely they can chat with you. For me personally, if you have no friends in the game, you will not play this game for a long time.   I played the game for a long time; I can only say that I find a few good friends. Once, I have no money to buy habbo Coins, I said to my friend, I did not play, I have no money to buy things. When I made the words to my friend, she quickly sent me an information, she said that she send to me, we are friends. At that time, my heart appeared a kind of feeling, I did not know why, but I swear I must take her as a good friend, whether this is a conspiracy or good faith, I must believe that this time. And the fact tell me is that my approach is correct.

  Every time I think I play the game, I have no idea what a feeling, but I also want to go. Perhaps I was to see my friends. If you really want to reach a good friends, I suggest you use the following tips: one, make friends at first do not let the other people believe that you are honest, make friends the price to be paid, to believe that others, of course, you have to know that she or he this person to you the impression that what. Each time to make friends with a broken, and when she or he say so, that can make things. If you can not see, then you are a fool. Second, you must be an honest people, you do not think how to cheat other people’s cheap habbo Coins. If you laid people a time, perhaps tomorrow the whole game will know that you are a liar, by that time I believe that apart from the people around you, no one will believe you. The game is happy, no friends are depressed, I hope all the people can find really friend.