The basis of all human nature is in fact - greed. Now, some people may think this is overly negative or cynical but I don't look at it that way - greed is only negative because people have an expectation of morality and fairness which has been built up by years of humankind trying to go against their inner instincts. It is because of this conflict that we get deception and decpetion has been the greatest tool against human development.

I believe a more fluid society would be the one that accepted the reason for any action.

Unfortunately, there is so much media saturation these days focusing on morality and fairness that no one has the time to look at the reality of any situation. People want more than they have - groups want to push their boundaries and countries want to take what may not be considered theirs.

Ultimately, it doesnt matter - what will happen will happen - whether justified by morality, fairness or deception - selfish acts will always be a part of our existence - if we came to terms with that perhaps we could design a society that functioned a lot better.