There have always been those who deny the existence of God. By God, I mean a supreme being who is and will always be that which cannot be explained fully by the intellectual reasonings of mortal man. Even those who wrote the scriptures under the influence of God himself admit there own inadequacy when it comes to explaining the fullness of their Creator. If the scientific community is constantly being proven wrong as to their forgone conclusions in matters of such things as the complexity of one human cell, then how foolish is it for the unlearned to write diatribes against something that is infinitly more complex than all of the galaxies in the universe. Just because something doesn't fit our mental picture of the way thing should be doesn't mean it should be discounted as untrue. The world was once believed to be flat for the very reason that it's curvature could not be seen by the eyes of early scientists. If you take a drop of water out of the ocean, it becomes less full than it was even though you can't see it. I ask you who say there is no Creator. how can you explain creation? Billy Preston once sang "nothin from nothin leaves nothin". Effect needs cause and cause necessitates the existence of an impetus. This is the basis for modern science is it not? I say you cannot prove God doesn't exist. In all of the arguments against intelligent design I have yet to hear one which disproves the existence of the Creator of this magnificent creation that we see, hear, taste, touch, smell and yearn for deep within our souls.