I have played goonzu for a long time, so I want to tell you something about the game. The monarch of the game gave me an impression that is free, how to play on their own how to play, the game felt a lot of unique, out of view we do not have the same ideal. I like to meet the goonzu gold in when I play the game, I like to play the game very much. The beginning of the game, and a lot of games like to choose the role of the task, but only two men a woman to choose, is simple. People feel the game is not the focus of people image of the personality, does not matter, however, reduced by a number of considerations into the game that is the level of the screen looks very general, not specifically highlighted. Some players will always go to earn the goonzu money to make them strong. Most of the game interface with the network there is no great difference between people, money, maps, all in the dialog box that they appear. State figures show that the role of information, health, as well as the degree of plumpness. Cash show is held in cash. Chat window allows players to exchange and deliver a variety of speech and publication of the advertisement. If you can go to buy goonzu gold with yourself in the game, I believe that you are a good player. Map can zoom, and is now flying all over the sky of the online games no fundamental difference, however, is seemingly ordinary game I love. In the game you will go to kill the monsters, so the materials can be dropped, each of the blame fell chance of wild species and also varies. You should have a lot of goonzu online gold you can be strong and then you can kill more and more monsters more easily. Appears to be very complicated, but the game is to prepare players for the game is very good built-in database of information. Information items include an item of property, needed materials, production skills, which you now have a material, leaving a shortfall of what materials. Monster information, including all grades of wild strange, experience, attack, which materials will drop, falling is the number of chances, where there will be. You can also get some cheap goonzu gold from the game. Materials and equipment to fight to do is a very fun thing to watch their personally prepared to do so out of the materials and equipment are not particularly feeling. So I like the game very much and I choose it to play.