My friend Tiak states that while he can't know all of God, he can know part. He favours the Jesus key to unlock the mysterious deistic Pandora's Box. A strong mystic tradition in the earlier monotheistic faiths survives and it speaks of a god who is unknowable, ineffable, unattainable.. so much so that it is folly to even attempt. This of course is another 'out' clause the believers have in order to put god beyond reason and logic. Tiak is seemingly coming from a place where logic is valued and therefore has to struggle with a paradoxical god. Why bother? How can the texts that illuminate JC's life be trusted one whit? they are so contradictory as to be next to useless on specifics. If he just wants to hold on to the idea that "Jesus is love' as many modern Xtians do, embarrassed by the old dogmas (and rightly so).. then why not embrace a version of Jesus that resides beyond reason and logic?