yes as a freeborn man i hold ideas , many ignorantly would deem subversive ...

[the right to free speech and unhindered free-act  ,the right to life [being born free] the right to free act as a birth right [if of good intent] ..the right to despise death, and those seeking to cause it [the way as well as the means [war ,guns, oppression,, and the media that perpetuates it before our eyes daily]

stead fast belief in a living loving grace filled ;mercyfull creator ,..a omni-living devine creator who sustains all life to that that life find that it loves [accepts] and that it despises and [of freewill] rejects

a believe [or the right to deney] the true one of light /love ,mercy and life creator god] ..who bequeaths upon all life [to live ] as a devine god given enshined by mens freewill [not oppressive law , pr spin or deceits

the one omnipresent omnipotant god gives all life inherant free chosen belief as well as the means to confirm [or deney ] all aspects of life and this incarnate experiance of 'living [as a freeborn man ,in our inherant devine right to think and act like a freeman...

to think act and reason of love not paternalistic oppression ,...allowed to resist oppression by passive resistance to any personalised or systemised oppression , that seeks to subversivly suppress free [non injurous] personal act

i am [because ''I AM made me ]one who believes all life is sacred [because of 'his' devine spirit in our all our hearts ...the one life sprit that sanctifies and activates all living spirit...
[animates all good [all truth] all love in serving unto all ,

allowed [indeed born ] to enjoy or enjoin any good true fair equal and mercy full ,as a right that comes from his omnipresent omnipotance [to live time all the time] in his god given 'real time ' now' ,and forever according to my own conciouys , rights and reason [my logic not paternalistic oppressive ,subversive war based oppressive logic [con-census] or by act made law by demon-autocratic [democratic con-census] a subversion colluded to controle

 seeking to control my feedoms as a freeman into a 'person'' bonded from birth to a law based not on god but the laws of comerce , to resist might is right , by free act and free thought