As a philosopher, when history comes, you knew it!


First let me say a few words about the history of Senator Edward Kennedy:

Here lies a gentleman, he was a reformer, pioneer, the most important a good- natured fixer who served the need of common people.

Regrets he had a lot, glory a few, sin at least one.

May you rest on August 25, 2009.  God bless you Mr. Edward Kennedy.


If you do know Senator Ted Kennedy, you would know what I mean: regret, glory and sin. If you do not know, please listen the repeater on every big and small media. And newspapers. You’ll know what that mean: a fixer, regrets, glory and sin


Now comes his last legacy: Senator Kennedy’s universal health care bill with public option.


Here I will guarantee 99.99% a health care bill will be passed in the Congress. There is no meaning anymore to shout or debate in the town hall meeting to have or not have a health care bill.  From now on, we should concentrate, what is in the health care bill.


Finally, we had (I deliberately used the past tense) a health care bill in 2009! F.D.  Roosevelt cannot do it, Truman cannot do it, and Clinton cannot do it.  Obama did it, it is because of Senator Kennedy!  He died in the right time for his last legacy.


But the passed health care bill, was it really what Senator Edward Kennedy wanted? I wonder!

What I mean, we had a health care bill that might not agreeable with the one Senator Kennedy proposed: Universal with public option.


When history comes, you know it.


As a philosopher, I knew it; I already had a health care bill this year (2009).


In this recession, or in the early state of recovery, I think it is not the right time to pass a huge health care bill in Congress.


Regrettable, no one can resist it even a Philosopher like me. When history comes.