I remembered I played the Gaia game for almost one year, in one year, I have sad but also have happy. In this game, I know it also have friendship and love in the game. Before the game I can not spent money on online game, but this time I spent many money to buy gaia gold, because I really like the game. And I was happy that I can recognize him.

Will never inadvertently disturbance of the harbor you and me, remember that under the moonlight, out earning dependencies together, the stars brightened the gorgeous you and me the atrium. Both laugh and talk, we all think is so wonderful. The previous day, we hand in had, the storm no regret. We together go to upgrade, do task and earn gaia gold. The bottom of my heart that we will never have been irrevocably melody reverberated in my ears and hearts, we all the way bumpy, while walking love.

You leave, I use tears to dispel, my strong just waiting for your exist. The two people Gaia how you can bear let me a person continues. You know how the feeling that a person go to play, even if I earned more gaia online gold, I was not happy. You return, I am very happy, you can understand somewhat, I do not have the answer. You know wait you exist, even the short term time, this is I insist that the grounds and some of the sources of power. I am happy to continue the road ahead, because there is a conviction of support. Although you always send me a lot of cheap gaia gold let me happy, but the most I hope is you can stay with me. You are not the days to come, I keep telling myself, at least your heart with me, when tears are so feeble that time, I waited only once belonging to each other’s past. I prefer the last one disappears life shine we also want the spring is always so beautiful, I do not want the four seasons of reincarnation, I do not want life to continue, as long as you and I in the spring, ever for a while, my heart enough. Alone on the day, every day I only to upgrade and earn that little gaiaonline gold, I was never happy. The bitter tears, I do not know how to be strong. Wayward I forced back tears into Heart Sea, drowned in which diffuse fantasy. I do not have the courage to continue, I tried, really tried, the mind is tried. My spring have you I will happy.