fund-i-mental base-sics

govt is formed by free people
to controle 'city-zens'

people are born free [natural] who as being freeborn are free to create supernatural instruments [con-statut-[ed] ;constituted to bond free men into slaves ;citisens ,based on legal fictions ,via statutory instruments [birth certificates ,licences ] formed under non natural instruments of control called countries

god made the land ,man divided gods land into ''count-tries'' ,constituted to enslave freemen into'' civil-alians'' ,designed as the means to enslave freemen into bonded slaves ,civilian is a political status
that determines us under an artificial con-struct' ''juris-restiction'' ; juristiction that obligates 'citizens' into becoming bonded into a living  collateral  ,by doing things like pay taxes , pay levies , pay licence fees , accept restrictions over our god given inherant freedoms ,its all based on our number ;all based on out certificates of birth

we are born as babies ,thus can only [at best] 'know' as true [by our living now ], to have been definativly born ,but as to ''knowing''the complets ; absolute truth that we were born in a country, on a given day to a true parentage is not a thing 'we ' can swear to know to be 100 percent true , we accept this on trust ,its not what we know to be true, we can trust its true ,but not kbnow [for god given surity] that all of it is 100 percent true

we need to be sure before we take oath [read matthew 5;33-37 ,matthew 23;16-23] ,that we are told [or presume to be true , may not be true ,because we were babies we thus dont [cant] know its true

our birth certificate is produced by an un-natural agency ; god didnt 'create' govt , men did ,that god did create is good [the land ,;life on the land etc ,our freedoms are being suppressed by those who have seized control of govt ,who via un-natural instruments [birth certificates , licences, permites, taxes , levies, duties,''mutual obligations'' ,that the freeborn people need to obey , but not the elites,

 who have put thier power [money , property ,assets , safly under other instruments [like family trusts] , who via thier 'trusts 'have escaped the paying of taxes etc to put all the burdon on us , those god creatred as free men , sons of sovereigns ;suns of god  [all of us ]