To stir feelings of human dignity... I rarely feel these days...
                It is no wonder we seek the meaning of life because there are times it sure can seem meaningless.   'Meaninglessness' is an other emotion that can accommodate many conditions and connotations...........despair, depression, sadness, fear etc. The events that gave rise to  feelings one might initially impart 'meaninglessness' but in reality can be categorized with more precision given a little reflection.
                We live through innumerable and painful crises building an emotional history; only to smash our precious emotional memories on the rocks of the eternal...and die...  conveys despair or depression. It may, as well, be expressing sadness at a senseless occurrence, something for which nothing in life could have adequately prepared ourselves.Is it some insane joke?
                We tie ourselves down because we were brainwashed to over value our emotions and see no escape, no solutions. Choosing to focus upon relationships in lieu of simply things requires much self discipline.  We settle for the illusion of security such as having our needs nominally met -- shelter and food.
              We are like the circus elephants; believing that a mere chain can hold us in place for the purposes of those who would use us to death and then discard us.  But in reality, just like the circus elephant, one tug and the chain shows itself for what it really is, nothing at all.  We were lied to as babies to believe the straw man to be strong powerful and almighty, when in reality, all the straw man is, is an evil weakling controlling us through our own ignorance.
 If one isn't nesting...Time to remove  the 'straw' .
                 Under normal circumstances we strive to take a painless path in life to find that no such path exists. We also hope that path is one that gives us a majority of happiness and given normal circumstances the great majority find this path satisfactory, not painless but well supplied with happiness and/or peace.
                 The human spirit is a funny but admirable thing and I know of many who consider their lives blessed by others and the natural joy that seems to pervade the personality of some .
                Implicit is the underlying notion that emotion is unwinding, socially, professionally... or Is it a 'devolution' in human 'progress'? Insensitive and deficient compassion produces more often, tangible results.
                Our pursuit of answers has provided us with great advances in our intellectual and technology to name two. But we can include the vast realm of human concepts...A high degree [relatively] of self-consciousness enables us to ask such  questions.
We 'ask', presenting our ignorance of 'why' and 'how'. Not with our emotions......... but even that; is only the emotional opinion of a grumpy old man 'Fighting terrorism since 1492'  ;)
"There is something in the heart of man that things cannot satisfy."  ....Thomas Carlyle
                 Some seek answers in the metaphysical realm to find a kind of solace and deliverance from the implacable indifference exhibited by Nature and the Universe as a whole, by, in fact, all of existence. We are a part of the whole . We are made of the same stuff as the 'unemotional' Universe.
                 I find that as wonderful and satisfying a feeling as I imagine a western theist finds in his/her glimpses of some supernatural phenomenon....