More than any other industry, fashion has been so oversold, so twisted, pitched and commercialized, that the true designers are pushed to the periphery.  Why have so many designers lost touch with the medium they have chosen to work with? Like any craft, the function matters, but the hype around the runways has forced the craft to take back seat to the circus act.I've tried to embrace fashion over the years, but there is something about the posing that goes on at the fashion shows -- and it's not by the models but by the people involved in the industry. From the make-up-masked designer wannabes to the pretentious fashion reporters who --not surprisingly-- are some of the worst writers in the media industry.

The media industry flounders in its attempt to reach women, ignoring cultural changes that have occurred over the last 20 years they continue to focus on fashion. But the interest in the industry has faded. More and more women find significance in their careers and no longer have the need to find a man to support them.    Confidence comes from action. And in a culture where grandparents worked the land, grew their own food, and built cities, sewing material into a blouse and marketing it so you snag complete idiots into paying thousands of dollars for it isn’t exactly honest work.  Thus the fashion industry wobbles around bathed in fake arrogance, fake confidence and fake significance. The sooner the media gives up on the fashion industry the sooner the industry will get back to the real art that occurs when design and function are married. Sarah Thomson is publisher of the Women’s Post.