I don't talk about Artist only but all what you kan call idol.

When you love same famese you think about himher as the perfict Human nothing wrong they do.

Hustory Charchters are the worst they are all ether Holly or Devilsh.

If any one say normal thing about Hitlar the same one will see hell if i say "He Just was do waht any lyder will do" i may kicked out of Bigthink.com, you know what i say it and if i kicked out it's not like i'll go out of huvene.

Pepole so nive They think world is Fairly tely "Good Vs Evil"

It is not.

let's make fun of history.

same one say you can't Munpolite(Don know the Spelling) History

So ... way each cuntry have Defrent one .

same history book same first Eve and adam , same say monkes.

if we can't agree on that so waht left.

Big Shots mast make fun of them self

We are all a Joke

i will Geve you all one of my fav thery 

The bathrome Thery

every time you go to bathrome to do it think about same bigshot ...

they do it to .

and maby they do it NOW!