It's interesting that one of the reasons we are so dependent upon fossil fuels is that we structure our cities and towns so that in many places you HAVE to drive to get anything and yet I have seen NO references at all in supposed environment "solutions" to re-formulating our infrastructure so that driving is at least less necessary.  That's because, as happens to ALL movements, the environmental movement is co-opted by anti-corporate interests.

I think it's hilarious that the underlying thesis of environmentalists is that is our right to drive and that it's car companies and oil companies who are responsible for environmental damages.  Guess what?  They don't drive your car!

Once upon a time we decided to go to the moon and we did it.  Now we need to use technology to help us repair the ozone layer.  This is a project that can unite the entire planet.

With his massive personal carbon footprint, Al Gore is the Head Hypo!