Perhaps we need to rethink the manner in which we approach our efforts to "save the environment".  First off, we need to classify and delineate the topic of  the“environment” into subcategories so we don’t confuse the efforts of wildlife conservation with carbon pollution, or the impacts of water contamination with the benefits of recycling. 

My biggest concern deals primarily with the impacts of our energy infrastructure and how the byproduct of how we consume energy impacts our “environment”.  However, to concentrate on the “byproduct”, which in this case is the environment, we divert focus away from what is most important, which is pushing the evolution of our energy infrastructure in the direction of clean energy.  This needs to be done through technological innovation, subsidizing clean energy R&D, and challenging our nation’s young people to buy into the concept of contributing to a movement that will ultimately change the way we live and the way interact with the rest of the world.  This is our nation’s greatest challenge, this is a battle we must win.