I am the fist one in Washington Post's comment to note that  "Spitzer committed his fault, should begin after he took the Governorship of NY STATE!" I WAS RIGHT! At to-day (Mar 12, 08) reported that  Spitzer had begun meeting with the prostitutes of the Emperor's club about eight months ago"! That fits the Sigmund Freud's Suppress sex  drives explanation very much!

You can look back the grow-up history about Spitzer, he worked hard in  boarding school, Harvard Law school, and AG in NY State, finally at the top of Governor of NYS. Behind that he lived under the pressure of his father, who drives him to be an elite and perhaps encourage him to get in to the politics, with over zealousness to motivate him to be a First Jewish President of United States. That over zealous suppress his sex drive through out his youth time and adulthood. After he climbed to the the top of the Governorship of NYT. HE THOUGH HE HAD ATTAINED ONE OF THE GOALS SET UP BY HIS FATER. HE loosened up and relaxed a bit. Then, the devil came and ruined father's dream, his friend's hope and his  political life! What a pity, how smart a guy like Spitzer falls hard  and low like that! I advise every Parents with over zealous about his kid , should learn this story!

Look, how  senior MR. Bush nourishes his young George W. Bush and Jeb. You do not need to be a very bright kids, but a rather mannered  young man and put some wise-men around him , can be  a future President!!