Many news and media have begun to cover the problem of election fraud in the U.S. Already many voters and states are claiming they've had problems with the voting machines and that the results are inaccurate. Fraud has come in many forms, such as removing a candidate from the ballot and hacking the new voting machines. Hacking the machines is simple and can be done in less than a minute and it will sway the vote in whichever direction one may choose.

We have already experienced fraud in the primaries. Because the "hack" tactic is very hard to trace and very hard to prevent, the only proven fraud so far is removing names from ballots, however speculations along with excessive evidence suggests that large scale election fraud has already taken effect in the primaries.

 My questions are:

Is election fraud an issue that needs attention? 

What can be done to prevent this in the Presidential elections, and what should be done about the fraud that has already taken place?

What will YOU do?

Is it possible that this kind of fraud has been used before and gone unnoticed?

What does this say about our system?