what are we teacing out generation z?

im on the outer as far as child labour goes ,charity is fine but it also dosnt work ,our children are getting used to getting everything for free ,employers are noting the work ethic isnt in this new generation ,who just want to be amused because they are bored, fed because they are hungry ,its fine to give charity ,indeed one of the highest acts the wealthy can give ,as your article notes feeding the hungry ,housing the poor is that which honours our creation

know i have no dispute with the need [indeed urgency of the wealthy doing that good and true ,like the writer i see no need to deprive the elite of thier wealth , detesting as he does those who steal [stole] it , especially those who stole the millions ,but my reply is more about the children ,in getting them to appriciate that they have rather than what they dont

the age is long past where we can send them onto the land ,i put the solution where i see the problem , edication[either from thier parents, the media, thier peers ,or schools ,we need to controle but two [media and education] media can give good egsamples [the leave it to beaver type work ethic ,and politness , rather than the bart simpson ,dennis the menis in media

and in education a work house [oh i hear the screams all ready ,but having raised children i know children love creating things [work] ,we are all indued by our creator with inherant talents [i have a link some where but a cut and paste of it is at morgana forumco site]under the law tort article referanced in an earlier post
see talents post/paste

regardless education need to educate the talented and the imbisile equally, with the retards holding the whole back by thier being needy and destractive ,many dont need teachers they need [deserve ] wardens but we are talking about future humans ,

many who will never need to know where usa is let alone need to know trig or algebra ,these special darlings need to learn the work ethic ,need to know the rewards inherant in sweat growing up knowing work with your head or your hands

if your not learning learn what work suits you best ,test the little dears ,find thier real talents ,while many will want to become musitions , only talent will get you into that class ,you have the smart class ,and the working class ,the working class will find thier work a better pleasure than the learning of that boring class work

each will top out at a certain level of achievment, but thier schooling dosnt end untill they have a real job ,real paid income ,new teachings are initiated [in and outside school[like the old bob a job, or like apprentaships ,of course this is in no way clear , we must learn to think outside the box, the media rewards the great minds with media exposure equal to that accorded to sports people

the future lies in using our resources wisely ,our best resource is our children, who must know they are respected and protected but also obligated ,as well as needed

ok im done