There have been a few people who have described god as the prime mover, or the prime cause. Something that was not the effect of anything else, and in itself caused everything that folowed. Even the traditional monotheistic god fits this senario.

 Now taking this and aplying it to free will. If all the particles were set in motion by the prime mover and since then act upon each other to form various paterns. Some of which are us, now if we are still subject to the causes that preceded us, and everything that we are made up of is simplly a continuation of cause and effect begun by the prime mover. Well then we dont really have free will. However if we do have free will, every decision that we make must not be a product of millions of cause and effect interactions of brain particles. But instead must be in itself a prime cause. Something like a soul if you will that decides and purs the biology of the brain into action. So ineffect if we are capable of free will, we are capable of manifesting a prime cause, a choice that is not an effect of anything other then us. And would this not make us essentially gods.