Some faithful get offended that I show scant respect to their holy book. Does it deserve it? From my viewpoint it does pretty well without my help. Tactless as it is, I can't find any reason to champion it's contents or recommend it's use. How can a book that has as many invocations to hate, violence, bigotry, racism, murder, misogny, et al, as well as calls for brotherly love and kindness to others be useful at all. You can find and twist a piece of scriptural musing to support anything it seems? Therefore it's worth as a moral compass is zero. The koran (a Muslim variation on the Old Testament) is invoked by suicide bombers, yet the moderates say there is no scriptural basis for their actions... who do I believe? Thankfully the enlightenement has meant the Xtians no longer kill heathens like me, but they once did. So to my Xtian friends who only like the gentle bits, the kind bits and conveniently skip over or re-interpret the nasty bits, you are welcome to it. It's mostly dull and uninspired. Not one sentence or idea it contains could not have come from the mind of the men writng it.... and it is supposedly the inerrant word of the Almighty? The contradictions and disagreements in the New T gospels (don't mention the ones they dropped, found at Nag Hammadi) are enough to reveal their very earthy prosaic origins.