Does religion inspire morality?  There are many religious people who have committed heinous crimes, some of which are carried out in the name of God.  All religions seem to advocate a moral life, yet many also promote violence when dealing with those who do not adhere to that religion.  Islam has many peaceful tenets, but it also calls for jihads (in whatever sense of the word you want to take it) against non-believers and the sinful life.   For this reason people are able to justify suicide bombings  aimed at killing innocent non-believers.  Those who carry out such horrible acts are assured that they will be rewarded by God for their deed.  The same was done in Christianity, though it has for the most part, thankfully, progressed out of this mindset.  The Inquisition was carried out by the most sincere believers, pogroms have occurred throughout history in Christian nations, and the bible was used to justify slavery.  To say these ideas were perversions of the original religion is very debatable, since the words used to justify such acts are written in the same "holy" books that preach against them. With this in mind I ask, does religion inspire morality?