It is absurd the concept Athiests have about god..... God is clothed in light ,because god is logus , love, logic, light sustaining life ,... To think of what clothing light wears is an absurdity only athiests could concieve.... God is logic ,...thus can by logic light life or love be revealed , ... Where god is is logic [logic life is able to realise and thus get to know] ,even science can see life is sustained by light ,... Our logic reveals our light comes from the sun[but logic further reveals there are untold [uncountable 'suns]in the heavens... God is that uncountable [omnipresent , infinate , sustaining all the suns to sustain life] ... Religious texts say in the beginning the universe was void and dark [science say we came from a big bang][let your logic join the dots].... God is love sustaining the light sustaining the life , so life find its own freewill logic into love... Think god gave and sustains all our lives [right now ] we live because god gave us to live [god is the life GIVER ,..those who know god know that life revealed in the light reveals god is good [as light is good]... God is the only life giver ,life is good [life is from god's good] all who live were given to live from gods living loving light.. Death [any death demeans god the light giving life logic giver ] but what is it to try to explain logic from one who thinks as he is told to think [ie that it is science that the first life cell happened by chance and not logic].... Has your athiest science even yet replicated even the cell membrane ?[has your science even made one living cell? [even by using its over priced re-search machines made life from nothing even to live ... [let alone evolved it [the cell]into a bacteria or a virus let alone an ape?]... We blindly accept as logic science that says we evolved , ... that we sit on moving plates that mountains drift on continental plates [60 kilometers thick] yet despite no mountain ranges being 60 kilometers high [30 miles]... Dispite the shapes of the countries fitting together perfectly [google up expanding earth theory] ,... and despite an expanding universe theory people still refuse to listen to THEIR own logic....[logus/god] Science has NEVER made its own life !.. YET dares to speculate on how it did speciate]... Yes god gave us freewill [so we could figure it out ourselves]... Its not worth dying over ,so live with it.. Those serving life giver logus[love god and neighbour].. Those serving science seek to kill all life , they thus create athiests so we believe any neo con from our media ,.. like a cancer cure every year ,or that policing us isnt revenue raising , ...that the fed bank isnt a private owned bank who bought up all gods creation to despoil it ...[to force us into evermore proffitable wars [making proffit from killing life and destroying GODS creation via lies and deciet... Using only paper [fiat currency]they alone can print.. [yes your govt has to even borrow its own money then repay it with intrest to those who stole the world ...[and suppres logic and gods freely given gift of life ].. thus we need to pay taxes to repay it;.... But god did give us all freewill to test us all ..[to sepperate the goats from the sheep]...[the wheat from the chaff, because eternity is better that this tempoary incarnation ,.... But we have freewill here to know ?... simply we [our deeds] are they serving the life giver or the life taker?... Or serving the bankers to serve themselves?