Didier grossemy You may spend 5 to 10 times as much acquiring new customers as you will retain existing ones.

You will work hard and spend a lot of money to get customers to use your services or buy your products says didier grossemy. It only makes sense to put an appropriate amount of effort into retaining those customers so that your company may enjoy long-term repeat business. more from Didier grossemy articles.

Your customers have more information today than ever before. Many are Internet savvy and all are out to find the best deal for them.  One proven way to improve your chances of customer retention is through a carefully constructed customer loyalty program.
Quick tips: By didier grossemy

  • Identify and retain your best customer segments
  • Extract more value from your customers
  • Communicate more effectively one-on-one with your customers
  • Estimate the value of your customers by segment
  • Derive an allowable cost-per-new-customer
  • Improve your brand or company image says didier grossemy

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