I would like to begin a conversation about the recent state of dance criticism at the New York Times. I hope for each one of my statements to be roughly 750 words and posted everyday on to this website until Valentine's day in February of 2008.

Ever since john Martin (b. 1893; d. 1985) first reported on changes in American concert dance in the first part of the 20th century, the NYT has been a national and international standard bearer of dance criticism. To be mentioned in the NYT is a major boon to presenters, funders, choreographers, performers and anyone in dance.

The NYT influence translated into socio-economic power within the American concert dance world because what it says about dance often contributes to opinions about who gets funding, who gets presented, and who is promoted.

Few instances of public criticism of dance reporting in the NYT appear. Yet, as I hope to analyze, we need this criticism now more than ever.

Until tomorrow.