It has been prevalent for many years now the power of belief upon an individual can have serious affect. Many individuals I have met in my life have told me "God has a plan for you". Well over a decade ago I lost my Catholic religion for reasons that need not be stated. Later in life I was turned onto the evolutionary theory that humans have evolved over an expansive course of time. The thought that my greatest of ancestors were apes is amusing, and not impossible. Even more recently I have been turned onto the idea of Buddhism, which has been seen by many as nihilistic. What intrigues me most about Buddhism is the idea of Interrelation and the four main beliefs. Suffering being the first belief. I believe that every individual has suffered in their life (except possibly the newborn that has just entered the world, that cannot identify the meaning of suffering).  There are two kinds of suffering in this world, those who suffer from a lack of life, and those who suffer from an overabundance of life.

It has been a philosophical question for sometime, which is the most common human emotion, Laziness or Fear. I question, what is the best way to inform a mass public suffering from poverty, ignorance, and moral conflict?